Why Not… Write a Letter?

I love to send handwritten notecards.

Why Not? Two little words with limitless possibilities.

The other day I was rooting through a drawer in search of a pair of earrings (I admit I am obsessed with earrings) and I came across a dogeared journal. I sat down on the floor and ran my hand over the leather binding. I had forgotten I had it. Life gets busy and years slip by quickly. Inside were the scribbles of a young woman, a few sweet attempts at poetry, and a section where she outlined simple hopes and dreams for her future.

Another time, a stack of cards revealed personal notes from relatives long gone. Their words of encouragement and love were a precious reminder of how many people have come and gone in my life.

When is the last time you wrote a letter? Our fast-paced society celebrates our new-found ability to communicate in 140 characters or less. But this month, I am challenging myself to write more than a burst of brilliance to be gobbled up on social media. Instead, I will write a letter to someone who has touched my life.

You can take this joyful exercise even further, and a journal is a wonderful way to leave a lasting gift. If you are a parent, your handwritten thoughts will one day be precious to your child, the same way my mother’s journal is precious to me.

Click on the picture above to check out the beautiful notecards available on Amazon. And the journal below is just one example of the many choices. I wish you great inspiration as you create a lasting memory for someone who has touched your life. Why Not?

P.S. Happy birthday, Mom.

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