The Sequel to Born to Die is Released

Valentine’s Day is a good time for a treat, don’t you think? So, here it is – the sequel to my murder mystery! A Gourmet Demise: Murder in South Tampa is finally published. I know it took longer than a lot of you wanted, but it is worth the wait. This novel is filled with all the things you love about South Tampa. Glorious mansions, art galleries, fine food and wine, trips to International Plaza – and a cast of characters you will feel you have met at Mise En Place. I’m already at work on the next one, and I promise it won’t take as long.

And what do you think of the gorgeous cover? Graphic artist Jeff Deubert once again amazed me with his talent. The painting is by Nicaraguan artist Luis Guerrero Lugo. The woman? You tell me. Enjoy!




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