The Culture and Cuisine Club Visits China

Lychee martini and pork dumplings.

It was our turn to host our dinner club and we chose the cuisine of China. The cuisine is so varied – what should we cook? We decided to try some of our favorites. And, the best mixologist in Tampa put his personal touch to a truly fabulous lychee martini.

I have always judged a Chinese restaurant by their dumplings and hot and sour soup. After enjoying our appetizer and luscious soup, we progressed to Peking Duck made on our Weber grill. I made a pork, chicken, and shrimp fried rice, and a friend brought a delicious broccoli rabe and red pepper casserole in a light lemon sauce.

My dinner.

Dessert is a tricky thing when cooking Asian food. Often, fruit is what is served. I was going to attempt Eight Precious Pudding, but when I saw that it needed to be steamed I changed my mind. I have never used that method and I didn’t want to serve a glutinous mess to my guests. I decided to bake two types of cookies, an almond and a roasted peanut. Both turned out well and were enjoyed on the lanai with Chinese Green Tea. It was a lovely evening enjoying good friends and munching the tasty cookies. I will post the recipes in the next couple of days.

Crispy and browned to perfection.

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