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The Spoiled Spouse Cleans My Oven — Star Wars Style

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Belgian delishness

There are two sides to entertaining at home. The one we all love is the planning, prep, and cooking of the creative and delicious dishes we will serve to our friends and family. The second part is the inevitable clean up, often involving a major project like a spattered oven.

My oven is over twenty years old. Certain parts, i.e. the computer card, are no longer available. Replacing the oven is more complicated than a mere swap out — the oven I want will not fit in the current space. The domino effect is that the entire wall will need to be reconfigured. Isn’t this always the case? A major renovation is not happening anytime soon. So, the geriatric oven has needed a thorough cleaning for a while.

We did some research and my husband volunteered to take on the gargoyle. He did an amazing job with household products found in most pantries. Btw, I have read that the gas produced by running the self-clean cycle in a typical oven is quite noxious. Something to think about.

Here is the latest installment of The Spoiled Spouse. Can you tell that hubby had fun with this? I wonder what other projects I can come up with…

The Spoiled Spouse Goes Rogue on the Death Star Oven

“Help us Spoiled Spouse. You’re our only hope.”

Thus spoke the beautiful Princess Lois as she pointed to the black abyss on the far edge of the kitchen universe. Only a powerful force would be able to vanquish the Dark Side. Would it require the thermonuclear detonator/auto clean cycle or a light saber? No, something far less caustic than the weapons that the Empire traditionally used was required on the 20 year old oven.

The Death Star Oven

The treatment.

Luckily, the answer was found in the Rebel Alliance Pantry. Through the magic of the Force combined with baking soda and vinegar, you too can create a New Hope and provide a suitable vessel for Queen Ammadala herself. Here’s how.


Baking Soda



Abrasive Sponge

Spray Bottle


  • Remove the oven racks.
  • Create a paste using ½ cup of baking soda and 2-3 tablespoons of water. Rub the paste over the oven using an abrasive sponge.
  • Let the paste sit on the oven for 12 hours. If you use paste on the oven door, keep the door open or the paste will flow off of the dirty areas. (The Spoiled Spouse learned this the hard way.)
  • Wipe off the paste with a damp cloth.
  • Mix a small amount of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the liquid on the stubborn areas which have not been cleaned completely. The vinegar mixture and baking soda will bubble as they react.
  • Wait 30 minutes and wipe out the remaining residue with a damp cloth. Repeat if necessary.

A New Hope



All is now right with the Universe. May the Force be with you.

Here is a book you might want to check out that offers lots of organic cleaning ideas using common household products.

Turkey and Oyster Gumbo by The Spoiled Spouse

Thursday, November 24th, 2016
One of my wife's turkey platters.

One of my wife’s turkey platters.

Hope your Thanksgiving dinner was delicious—ours certainly was! If you’re lucky you have leftover turkey, and The Spoiled Spouse has an amazing solution. This recipe will certainly raise your home cuisine beyond the dreaded creamed turkey casserole. Let us know how it turns out.

Recipes for Guys Who Don’t Cook So Good

By The Spoiled Spouse

Turkey and Oyster Gumbo

Many families enjoy the blending of oysters into their turkey stuffing on Thanksgiving. This recipe provides a twist on that theme by adding leftover turkey to a traditional gumbo. It will hit the spot once you grow tired of sandwiches and leftover stuffing.

I usually try to cook recipes that can be completed during a Seinfeld rerun. This recipe however, requires about an hour or so of work but it can be easily completed in phases while watching your favorite football team on the post Thanksgiving weekend.  I have broken the recipes into phases –Pre-game, Break between 1st and 2nd Quarter, Halftime, 2 Minute Warning, and Postgame Wrap-up.

You should turn off the heat between phases. However, you can run them all together like a no-huddle offense if you wish.


2 cups chopped cooked turkey, 8 cups chicken/turkey stock

1 pint oysters, 1 tsp. thyme

1 lb. sliced frozen okra, 1 tsp. basil

½ cup plus 2 tbsp. cooking oil, ½ tsp. sage

½ cup all-purpose flour, ½ tsp. black pepper

1 -2 cups chopped onion ( to taste)½ tsp. white pepper

1 cup chopped green bell pepper, ¼ tsp. cayenne pepper

½ cup chopped celery, 2 tsp. salt

2 small cans chopped tomatoes, 1 bay leaf

¾ lbs. Andouille sausage sliced into rounds

Phase 1 — The Pre-game show

Sauté okra in a large skillet in 2 tablespoons of oil for 15 minutes.  At the same time, heat ½ cup of oil in a large heavy bottom pot over medium high heat. Add the flour and stir frequently until the paste (or roux) becomes the color of dark chocolate. Immediately dump in the onions, bell pepper, and celery and sauté. Stir until vegetables are tender and onions are carmelized.

Phase 2 — Break between First and Second Quarter

Once the vegetables are tender, add the tomatoes, Andouille sausage, and okra. Cook and stir for 15 minutes. Dislodge any caramelized vegetables off the bottom of the pot with a metal spoon . These juicy bits provide great flavor.

Add spices (bay leaf, thyme, basil, sage, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, salt) and mix well.

Phase 3 — Halftime

Add chicken/turkey stock. Bring to a slow boil and heat for 1 hour.

Phase 4 — Two Minute Warning

Add the turkey and oysters and simmer for 15 minutes. (Add the oyster liquor for a tangyer broth)

Phase 5 — Postgame Wrap-up

Serve in large bowls over steamed rice.

This is an amazing stockpot to put on your Christmas list:

All clad stockpot.