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Minestrone With a Twist

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

FullSizeRender-4You all know that in my family we love to eat soup, and I take advantage of the cooler weather to indulge my craving for this comfort food. Lysander’s makes wonderful pre-packaged bean combination with the recipe on the back.

Of course, I don’t like to follow recipes. I washed and separated the beans and set them to the side. I sprayed Crisco in a slow cooker and stirred 1/2 cup of chopped white onion and one clove of minced garlic in one tablespoon of olive oil. I turned the slow cooker to high, and got the rest of the items together. I baked one pound of Italian pork sausage in the oven for forty minutes at 325 degrees. After about thirty minutes I added the beans to the slow cooker, followed by two cans of fire roasted tomatoes, six cups of homemade chicken stock, and three cups of water. When the sausage was cooked, I allowed it to cool and sliced it, adding it to the slow cooker. I added 1/4 cup of dry red wine, and then let the slow cooker go at the highest setting until I had to leave for work. Then, I turned it down to the ten hour setting.

When I got home from work an amazing smell greeted me! I prepared about 1/4 pound of ditalini pasta, and placed the cooked pasta in the bottom of the bowl, spooning the soup over the top. Then, for a bit of healthy green and beautiful color, I heaped two handfuls of fresh organic arugula on top. A dusting of grated parmigiana cheese, and I was thrilled with the result. Try it soon and let me know what you think.