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Be a Caller Not a Callee

Friday, January 8th, 2016


Do you know that I think about you?

Probably Not.

We haven’t established a psychic connection that I’m aware of. My inability to communicate with you in the manner of Charles Xavier of the X Men has forced my hand.

My first New Year’s Resolution is one that will add great pleasure to my life. I have resolved to scour my phone contacts and reach out to those people I miss. The communication may be a text. It may be a phone call. It may be a silly card that I see in the store. Most importantly, there will be one person every week that I will check-in with.

I’m not particularly good at outreach. I admire those people who seamlessly juggle this type of social activity.  I have a small group of close friends I cherish and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

This ground-breaking idea was a topic of conversation on Wednesday night as I enjoyed dinner with the lovely lady in the photo. We dined at Edison In Tampa, an event that required planning because of the holiday season and our work schedules. What I realized as we conversed easily was how much I missed her, and that I needed to plan my social life as much as I planned my work and writing projects.

So here goes, 2016. My first resolution is to add the richness of friendships rekindled. Life is precious. I am planning on experimenting with the options available in my phone as well as investigating a variety of phone apps that may help.

And if you have felt any tingling of a psychic connection, please let me know. My powers of communication have been re-awakened.