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How to Develop Your Signature Style

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
My hero! This book is on my Christmas list.

My hero! This book is on my Christmas list.

How does the average person hone a personal style in their wardrobe, home, garden… lifestyle? I have been blogging about many aspects of style since 2009, but I’m not sure I’ve ever attempted to distill my thoughts on the subject into a few simple, achievable steps.

I have become a huge fan of Instagram. My profile, randomactsofstyle, reflects what I share on a daily basis about my life. It is a constantly evolving style feed. And since I now spend an increasing amount of time on Instagram I felt it was time to share with my readers my thoughts on how to use this amazing site as a part of your personal style journey.

You will notice I said part of a style journey. I think there are four distinct areas that can help you explore and develop your personal style.

  1. Read and research. I am currently digging through my accessories in search of a macramé choker I wore in 1977 with an ivory colored peasant blouse. Walking through Nordstrom yesterday, I was struck once again by the retro trends. Fashion repeats itself, and those who create the clothes that we wear do something we can easily do — learn about the history of fashion.

We can do a lot of this research on the Internet, but I have another suggestion. Go to the library armed with a list of designers you want to know more about. The public library is free, and the librarians are immensely helpful. They can show you how to request books that will blow your mind. And for you young moms who have just started on a style journey, schedule your library visit during one of the free programs for children. You can peruse the aisles of inspiration while your children are entertained.

I have borrowed all sorts of books from the library. When I was planning a rose garden I consulted landscape and horticulture books. I have borrowed gorgeous interior decorating books, regional cookbooks, books on architecture. And, of course, I have borrowed books on fashion. This research didn’t break the budget, and if I found a book I couldn’t live without, particularly a coffee table book, I would search it on the Internet to buy it. Decorating side note: For me a room without books is a bare room. I have books in every room of my home. Books add warmth and personality.

  1. Follow profiles you like on Instagram. I have a number of feeds I look at every day. They range from fashion, to food, travel, design, inspiration… and jewelry. What I look for in a blogger is a fresh approach to their subject. Here is a list of suggestions for you to explore.

Style at a Certain Age

Christian Blair Style

Laura Beverlin

Rach Parcell

The blog societies

The Simply Luxurious Life

Perri Rothenberg

Bettina Looney

Anna Dello Russo

Meet at the barre

Greg Sideris

Rachel Mansfield

24 east

evil brent


The rich life in wine country — among many other feeds I will pop in and out of.


One thing I have noticed is that most of these blogs and their subsequent Instagram feeds are written by beautiful young women. I am hoping to plug what I feel is a gap and represent the style journey of a ‘woman of a certain age.’ Stay tuned.

  1. Special events, museums, and fashion shows are another way to expand your knowledge and hone your style. A few that I will never forget are Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ incredible clothes at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, Princess Diana’s traveling exhibit, (and the one that was presented by ‘M’), and most recently the Norma Kamali exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art. A previous post on the Kamali exhibit is here on the blog.) I have enjoyed seeing the creative posts by the fashion bloggers who have been able to attend the various fashion weeks. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Shop in all different types of stores and ask questions. Flea markets and vintage stores are wonderful places to pick the brain of the owner. (I have found wonderful pieces at flea markets.) Most of these individuals have a passion for the history behind what they are selling and love to share their knowledge. And, you can add one or two accessories that will set your look apart from the masses. I hope you’ll check out my feed on Instagram so we can connect. Let me know how the journey goes.