The Best Irish Coffee

Yummy Irish Coffee

The most recent Culture and Cuisine Club dinner celebrated the cuisine of Ireland. We saw this recipe for Irish coffee in the local newspaper and decided to treat our guests. It was wonderful and well worth the trouble. We do not plan on waiting an entire year to enjoy this smooth concoction again, and neither should you!

This recipe is from the Tampa Bay Times. We used Tullamore Dew, a non-peaty, smooth whisky. I used one teaspoon of regular white sugar instead of the brown or the cubes. I made the whipped cream myself, adding one teaspoon of vanilla and one tablespoon of white sugar. I poured a generous amount of the whipped cream onto the top of the coffee, and garnished with milk chocolate chips.

Irish Coffee

Depending on which version of the “original” Irish coffee you subscribe to, it is sweetened with either 2 sugar cubes or 1 teaspoon brown sugar. For a San Franciscotake on Irish coffee, stir 2 tablespoons of milk-chocolate bits into the coffee at the same time as the sugar. Once the chocolate bits have melted, proceed with the recipe.

Boiling water

Hot coffee

2 sugar cubes or 1 teaspoon brown sugar

½ ounces Irish whiskey

¼ cup heavy or whipping cream, lightly beaten (but still pourable)

Fill a large coffee cup with boiling water to preheat it. Let it stand for about 1 minute, then empty the glass.

Fill the glass three-quarters full with hot coffee. Add the sugar, then stir until dissolved. Stir in the whiskey.

Top the coffee-whiskey blend with the lightly whipped cream. To do this, hold an overturned spoon over the coffee, then slowly pour the cream over it. The goal is for the cream to float on top of the coffee; do not mix it in. Part of the Irish coffee experience is drinking the hot coffee through a layer of cool cream.

Serves 1.

Source: Buena Vista Cafe, San Francisco

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