Where Has All The Fashion Gone?

Runway ready at the Hunter's Green fashion show.

Greetings fashionistas!

I have not meant to abandon this aspect of the blog. I have not stopped studying fashion trends, shopping for the perfect shoes and handbag, or sold the archives to live naked on a south sea island. I have been crazy busy. A second book will be released before the end of the month. I am writing for an independently published writers site. My son started college.

And, I have been bitten by the Pinterest bug.

This is not a bad thing. Pinterest is a visual social media mecca where pinners can create their own bulletin boards and follow the boards of others. Better yet, pinners can repin a photo that they like to one of their own boards. It is a seductive and brilliant concept.

My fashion obsession resides, for the moment, on several boards under my profile picture. I spend a few minutes every day playing there, checking out what the pinners in my network are repinning. I need to limit myself on the time I spend there because it is easy to get lost.

What boards have I created to confess my current fashion obsessions? How about “Holy Handbag”, “Sublime Shoes”, “My Style” and “Jewelry”. If you are on Pinterest please look for me under my profile name Lois Lewandowski.

Meet you there!

With hairstylist Tava.



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